Original Title | EUROPA

Director | Brwa Vahabpour

Norvegia, Romania, 97 min (estimated)


Akam lives a comfortable and carefree life in a shared flat with friends in Oslo. When his uncle from Iranian Kurdistan comes on an unannounced visit, Akam has to practice Kurdish hospitality and invites his uncle to stay for a couple of days. As days turn into weeks, the shared flat becomes a bit too tiny. It is soon revealed that Akam’s uncle has smuggled himself into Norway and has intentions of staying for good. Akam must now balance his relationship with his uncle and the Norwegian authorities. Gradually, we learn more about why his uncle left his home country in the first place.

True Content Production (NO)

Tangaj Production (RO)

Peiman Azizpour 

Hamza Agoshi

Sarah Francesca Brænne

Writer | Brwa Vahabpour

Director | Brwa Vahabpour

Producer | Renée Hansen Mlodyszewski

Co-producer | Anda Ionescu

Director of Photography | Jørgen Klüver

Editor | Cătălin Cristuţiu, Brynjar Lien Aune, Brwa Vahabpour

Sound | Matias Frøystad

Production Designer | Kristian Lahn Vestby

Costume Designer | Maren Saedi

Casting Director | Luise Nes

Oslo Filmfond

Punkt Film 



The Norwegian Film Institute

Nordic Film & TV Fund

Fond for lyd og bilde

Fritt Ord



Running Time 97 min

Aspect Ratio 16.9

Sound 5.1


Screening Format DCP 2K