Original Title | CUM SĂ FIU MORT, DACĂ-S VIU?

Director | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Romania, UK, 75 min (estimated)


A father, a husband, a man who abandoned both family and friends 20 years ago and never looked back until a twist of fate forced him to. Kicked out of Istanbul with an expired passport and no visa, Reliu is forced to return to the city he once called home only to discover he has long been declared dead by his wife who is now remarried and living in italy. Ill, with no money, no identity and completely unequipped to fight his legal battle, he is forced to face a family who recets and resents him, a kafkaesque legal system which absurdly refuses to reinstate his living status and, most importantly, he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Tangaj Production

Vernon Films


Writer | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Director |  Ilinca Călugăreanu

Producer | Anamaria Antoci, Mara Adina

Editor | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Romanian Film Centre

Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA Slate Funding

Running Time 75 min (estimated)

Aspect Ratio tbd

Sound tbd


Screening Format tbd



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