Director | Adrian Sitaru

Romania, Turkey, 100 min (estimated)


Laura is a researcher who wants to prove through an experiment that free will exists: that we choose our own destiny. She proposes herself as the guinea pig of the experiment, erases her memories and begins a new life from scratch by embarking on a journey with an ex-boyfriend, a blind boy, two surrogate friends and a puppy. But things take an unexpected turn when she realizes that they can not escape the experiment. The solution that they find is life-saving, but freedom comes at a price that is difficult to accept.

Domestic Film

Tangaj Production

Vigo Film


Writer | Adrian Sitaru

Director | Adrian Sitaru

Producer | Anamaria Antoci, Arda Çiltepe

Director of Photography | Adrian Silișteanu

Editor | tbd

Sound | tbd

Production Designer | tbd

Costume Designer | tbd

Romanian Film Centre

Turkish General Directorate of Cinema

Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA Slate Funding

Running Time 100 min (estimated)

Aspect Ratio tbd

Sound 5.1


Screening Format DCP 2K


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