Original Title | CUM SĂ FIU MORT, DACĂ-S VIU?

Director | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Romania, UK, 79 min


A filmmaker starts following the story of a man who is fighting a lone, harrowing battle against a Kafkaesque system that refuses to recognise he is alive. As her camera rolls and days turn into weeks, she becomes dangerously enmeshed in his journey. But the story behind the story is much darker and sadder than she could have imagined.

Tangaj Production

Vernon Films

Reliu Constantin

Ilinca Călugăreanu

Writer | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Director |  Ilinca Călugăreanu

Producer | Anamaria Antoci, Mara Adina

Sound Recordist | Jonathan Stanners

Editor | Ilinca Călugăreanu

Composer | Ruben De Gheselle

Sound designer |  Jacques Pedersen

Romanian Film Centre

Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA Slate Funding

Romanian National Television (TVR)

Running Time 79 min

Aspect Ratio tbd

Sound tbd


Screening Format tbd