Original Title | SONDER

Director | Simona Deaconescu

Romania, 13 min


In the center of Romania there is an open pit copper mine, enclosed by erupting-volcanoes. Here, man has carved an architectural rock wonder. The sounds of the machines create a mysterious symphony, while the waste paints subtle shades of blue. The walls of the pit frame an unexpected and ongoing emotional story in which vivid eruptions of feelings emerge from the dancers’ bodies. The information flows through their bones, stops and waits, paralyzes their joints and incubates endless encounters. They are in a temporal realm in which they are estranged from their bodies, thoughts and emotions, becoming vessels for strained waves that travel circular in the pit and penetrate their skin and their thoughts. They are linked by a common epic story, an inherited craziness that flows invisible around them and digs deep in their subconscious.

Tangaj Collective

Tapioca Film

Denis Bolborea

Simona Dabija

Diana Spiridon

Galea Bobeicu

Răzvan Stoian

Writer & Director | Simona Deaconescu

Choreographer | Simona Deaconescu

Producer | Anamaria Antoci

Director of Photography |Tudor Vladimir Panduru

Editor | Alexandru Cătălin Gheorghe

Visual Effects | n/a

Sound | Sebastian Zsemlye

Production Designer | n/a

Costume Designer | n/a

The Administration of the National Cultural Fund

Running Time 13 min

Aspect Ratio 2.35:1

Sound 5.1


Screening Format DCP 2K


Join us tomorrow for the streaming of SONDER, a short dance film, a visual abstract poetry of the human being confronted with nature, the machine...


The short dance film SONDER, directed and choreographed by Simona Deaconescu and produced by Anamaria Antoci, won the Loikka Award at the 2018 Loikka Dance...


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Premiere | 13 nov | 19:00 @ Control Club (Constantin Mille, Nr. 4, Bucharest) Free Entrance (...) READ MORE Photo | Ionuț Rusu


We wrapped the shooting for our short dance film SONDER, directed by Simona Deaconescu. Location: Rosia Poieni, Cariera Exploatare Miniera Photo | Andrei Dăscălescu