Director | Cristina Groșan

Romania, Czech Republic, 22 min


Over the course of a theatre workshop for youngsters, a teenager finds himself sexually intimate with a slightly older girl. But did he really mean to? Congratulated or blamed for, everyone has a strong reaction.

Tangaj Production

Xova Film

Cristian Robe

Silvana Mihai

László Mátray

Victor Sîntejudean

Irina Ștefan

Una Toma

David Cosac

Brainstorming Theatre Group

Writer | Cristina Groșan, Marek Novák

Director | Cristina Groșan

Producer | Anda Ionescu, Anamaria Antoci

Co-producer | Marek Novák

Director of Photography | Mihai Marius Apopei

Editor | Alexandra Jonášová

Sound | Tomáš Oramus

Production Designer | Andrada Chiriac

Costume Designer | Ioana Șomănescu

Romanian Film Centre

Czech Film Center

Running Time 22 min

Aspect Ratio 4:3

Sound 5.1


Screening Format DCP 2K

ALONG CAME A PRINCE, the short film directed by Cristina Groșan is selected for Anonimul International Film Festival 2020. See you in Sfântu Gheorghe, Danube...
ALONG CAME A PRINCE, the short film written by Cristina Groșan and Marek Novák, directed by Cristina Groșan, was shot in September 2019, in Gura Siriului - Buzău, Romania. Photo | Larisa Baltă
We finished shooting our short film ALONG CAME A PRINCE, directed by Cristina Groșan, a Romanian (Tangaj Production) – Czech Republic (Xova Film) co-production. At...
The Romanian-Czech short fiction film ALONG CAME A PRINCE (working title AFTER THE WEEKEND) received production support from the Czech Film Center! The film of...
Reason for celebration in the Tangaj Production team: our short film ALONG CAME A PRINCE received production support from the Romanian Film Centre. Congrats to...